A girl and her pencil..

IMG_0685The image you see above is just picture of what I came up with while practising my drawing tonight. It’s not all me though I’m happy to admit, YouTube tutorials and pictures for inspiration and tips are brilliant (I’d be more than happy to give you names of helpful art channels on YouTube, just ask 🙂 ).

 Sometimes practising my art is so time consuming, especially because I’m such a beginner yet perfectionist meaning that I’ll draw and erase, draw and erase a simple line repeatedly so I can translate my vision onto the paper perfectly. By the time I’m finished I look at my creation and know that it was worth every minute I spent. Not because it looks so amazing, but just because I did much better than my last piece of art. And that’s the art of learning. (This is the part where the huge geek in me comes up) I’m just enjoying the process of learning art so much, to be able to physically see my progression and growth is a great feeling. Every time I pick up on a new technique or conquer a specific feature it motivates me and inspires me to keep going and keep experimenting until I find my groove as an artist, a day that I can’t wait for because, who doesn’t want to call themselves an artist? 😉 Slowly but surely I think I’m getting there. Learning art has opened up my mind so much, expanded my vision in the daily world so that I can see everything for more than just the first layer or exterior. Understand textures, volumes, shadows and highlights. These same words can all be used in theory in the emotional sense also. It all depends on perspective, how we allow our minds to open and see things.

If you want to learn something, don’t let anybody tell you its too late, don’t ever tell yourself you cant do it, because you can. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little longer than others to pick up on something because at the end of the day we all walk our own paths in life and that’s the beauty and uniqueness of it. So embrace it and don’t be afraid :).

Mehvish ❤

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