A girl and her pencil..

IMG_0685The image you see above is just picture of what I came up with while practising my drawing tonight. It’s not all me though I’m happy to admit, YouTube tutorials and pictures for inspiration and tips are brilliant (I’d be more than happy to give you names of helpful art channels on YouTube, just ask 🙂 ).

 Sometimes practising my art is so time consuming, especially because I’m such a beginner yet perfectionist meaning that I’ll draw and erase, draw and erase a simple line repeatedly so I can translate my vision onto the paper perfectly. By the time I’m finished I look at my creation and know that it was worth every minute I spent. Not because it looks so amazing, but just because I did much better than my last piece of art. And that’s the art of learning. (This is the part where the huge geek in me comes up) I’m just enjoying the process of learning art so much, to be able to physically see my progression and growth is a great feeling. Every time I pick up on a new technique or conquer a specific feature it motivates me and inspires me to keep going and keep experimenting until I find my groove as an artist, a day that I can’t wait for because, who doesn’t want to call themselves an artist? 😉 Slowly but surely I think I’m getting there. Learning art has opened up my mind so much, expanded my vision in the daily world so that I can see everything for more than just the first layer or exterior. Understand textures, volumes, shadows and highlights. These same words can all be used in theory in the emotional sense also. It all depends on perspective, how we allow our minds to open and see things.

If you want to learn something, don’t let anybody tell you its too late, don’t ever tell yourself you cant do it, because you can. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little longer than others to pick up on something because at the end of the day we all walk our own paths in life and that’s the beauty and uniqueness of it. So embrace it and don’t be afraid :).

Mehvish ❤


Yes, I still exist..

So I’m still here (or I’m back should I say), it’s been a few months since my last blog post on what was supposed to be this amazing hobby I spent all my time on. I was feeling oddly guilty about saying this but; I found new hobbies! Hobbies which I feel developing into passions. In the past few months I’ve found myself suddenly growing, learning things about myself and discovering aspects of my personality of who’s existence I was pretty much unaware. I guess its all part of being an 18 year old and making the transition into the person you’re meant to be. And I have to say, it’s been pleasantly surprising (so far at least).

These last few months that I’ve been gone from my blog, I’ve dabbled in and fallen completely in love with many things I never knew were really my thing to be honest. First and foremost; travelling. Have I travelled in these last few months? No. Well not physically, but every single day I find myself spending hours on travelling blogs, videos etc. and living the experience with the author. I have serious wanderlust. It’s so fascinating to me how brave some people can be to just quit their boring 9-5 and go experience the world. It’s the kind of courage I crave for, the kind of thrill I seek in life. Why do we spend our entire lives in one corner of a beautiful world that calls to be explored? I have so many plans, ideas, dreams and visions regarding travelling, wishes of my own I hope to make come true and I hope I can share those on here with you. Below is a quick snap I took on my iPhone a few days back at a pretty spot, getting interested in photography and since I’m on a sharing rant, I thought I’d go ahead and share this with you too 🙂


Being someone who could just about draw a stick man, I’m surprised myself to announce that I’ve been learning and practising painting and more recently sketching. It was something I’ve always secretly wished I could do but never bothered to invest time in trying because of not having that ”natural artistic ability” you hear everyone go on about. Take it from me; you don’t need it. Just by watching tutorials online, practising and observing for a few months, I wont say I’ve become Picasso 😉 , for me at least that’s not what it’s about, it’s about spending my time doing something that gives me some kind of creative satisfaction and I’ve certainly given myself the satisfaction and encouragement to keep trying.  I’ve also been trying my hand at canvas art, another fun thing to do. I’ll insert a couple of pictures below. By the way, I’d love to see some of your artworks, leave a comment below so I can check out your blogs 🙂


Without stretching this ‘kind of an update’ type blog post to the size of a full-fledged novel, I’ll throw in another couple of updates on my latest loves in life to start wrapping it up for you. So I’ve been trying to learn Spanish. It’s on my bucket list to learn a foreign language so I thought why not jump on the bandwagon and go for Spanish. 🙂 I’ve been using this app called Duolingo (not a sponsored mention before sponsorship police skip a breath) which is reasonably good,  I have to say I’ve kind of been slacking but I’ve promised myself to stay stuck at it so fingers crossed! Talking of bucket lists and goals, I have soo many, and I’m pretty hopeful and confident I’ll be meeting some of those in 2015 so stay tuned because I aim to take you along for the ride 😉

There’s lots more I would have liked to include in this but I guess I need to save some details and topics for future posts which I hope you’ll stick around for. 🙂 I’ve also decided to change up the look of my blog and go for something different and more fresh looking (if it is in fact possible for an online blog to look ‘fresh’) so I hope you like it. And oh if you haven’t picked up on it already, lately my system has been finding it excruciating to keep all the sarcasm pent up inside me so it finds its way into almost each paragraph I type, hopefully it’s not too annoying and off putting..not that it would make me stop. 😛

Thank you for reading, I hope to come out with some new content soon! (apologies for the complete killing of smileys throughout this post)

Mehvish ❤

Bring on a vacation! <3

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by again 🙂 Kind of a random post today. We’ve had some crazy weather in England, at least where I live in England (half heavy snow and half hailstones) which is not just leaving me with awful lighting but also extreme laziness; hence no beauty review today, (one coming soon I promise). Instead, I thought I’d talk to you guys about my latest obsession- my NEED for a holiday!

I’ve only ever been to 2 countries before; Pakistan and Turkey. Turkey was a proper family vacation and although I enjoyed it so much I feel like we missed out on a lot as well. For example: Istanbul, we went to turkey but didn’t go to Istanbul to see the likes of the beautiful blue mosque. (Stupid, I know). But we did stay in a villa which was amazing and I loved it. Anyways, I am so desperate for a holiday and to travel. I feel like there’s so much to see in the world, so many beautiful places and experiences to have. But being a student, I have A LOT of saving up to do before I can go on any sort of holiday. But that hasn’t stopped me from making a list of my top destinations to visit in the near future 😀

1) Santorini, Greece

santorinin night

This place is just stunninggg. I love the white houses closely put together, the bright blue sea, gorgeous sunny weather (which we rarely get to see in England). Every time I see a picture or video of this place, I’m speechless. Definitely my top destination!

2) New York, USA


The big apple; I’m sure this is on everybody’s to-visit list. Times Square, Central Park, there’s so just much to see. Although I’m all for a quiet day on the beach, I’d love to experience the hustle and bustle of NYC first hand.

3) London.


Even though I live in England, I’ve never been to London! Hopefully this will come first on my list as it seems more realistic for me right now, I’m planning to go with my sister and cousins this year for a few nights. I’ve been looking at London a lot online and it’s full of things to see. When I do go, I want to see as much as I can: the London eye, big ben, Buckingham palace etc. Oh, and I’ve heard the street food in London is a-mazing and I’m a huge foodie so I can’t wait for that!

My list goes on and on and on..Istanbul, Morocco, Dubai, Italy..but if I went through them all this blog post would also go on and on and on! Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to any of these places and what you thought of them, any recommendations or which places are on YOUR list? 😀

Thankyou so much for reading my random rambling,

Xoxo, Mehvish 🙂 ❤

TIP- Flawless, natural finish foundation- (Especially for dry skin.) <3

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Today I thought I’d  share a makeup tip which is more targeted at those with dry skin but I know works for everyone whether you just can’t get rid of those dry patches after foundation or you have oily/normal skin but you’re after that perfect, airbrush finish.

What’s the problem?

I am someone who has really dry skin in the winter and would always find my foundation looking patchy and clinging on to my dry patches even after plenty of moisturising and buffing it in. Found the catch? Buffing. If you have dry skin, do not buff your foundation in. Reason being; you have just settled your skin down and made it absorb in moisture after moisturising but by buffing in your foundation with a brush and those round circular motions, you’re only just forcing your skin to move again and basically exfoliating the dry skin in a way. That’s why you find yourself going the opposite way and back to square one after foundation again with dryness.

So now what?

We dry skin girls need a method of foundation application which doesn’t require buffing in to the skin or circular motions (basically moving the skin around) but will still apply the foundation with a natural and perhaps even more flawless finish. For this, your holy-grail brush will be the duo fibre stippling brush. One like this:

stippling brush

This is a popular brush and one we’ve all seen plastered over makeup blogs and YouTube videos. However, the majority of times that I’ve seen this brush in action, the user has stippled the foundation on (small, fast and very light tapping motions onto the skin) and then proceeded to buff the foundation in with round circle motions. Now that’s still a good method which provides coverage and if that works for you then great. But as mentioned before, dry skin and buffing= not good. So instead of buffing it in, we just continue to stipple the foundation on until we feel it’s been blended in properly and we’ve achieved the desired coverage. Also, you can buff with any other brush so  don’t be disappointed when you don’t get surprisingly different results by using the duo fibre brush since it is so unique. Duo-fibre brushes have black natural hair at the bottom and white synthetic hair at the top. This brush is not very dense and the hairs are also kind of separated so that you can effortlessly use it to stipple on foundation. You are meant to just get the foundation onto the very tips of the white hairs and then stipple it on for a pixelated, flawless finish. Even if you don’t have dry skin, this method will give you an amazingly natural finish so I definitely recommend it to anyone, regardless of skin type.

Below is a picture of how my skin looked after stippling on my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation. Trust me, my skin does not look like this without makeup, I have bad dryness, redness, blemishes etc. And I’m also 18 so I have good days and bad days with my skin and to be honest this day was not such a good one but it was the stippling to the rescue!


Thank you so much for reading, I hope it was informative and you found it to be helpful 🙂

Xoxo, Mehvish 🙂 ❤

3am thoughts. <3

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions because to be honest, I just can’t stick to them. But there’s one thing which I wouldn’t really call a promise I made to myself or a resolution but rather a subconscious thought and I suppose inspiration I’ve had in my mind and heart; to just do things which make me happy. Just the little things like sleeping in on a Saturday morning, reading a good book, going out to do things I like for myself etc. Yep, as simple as that. It’s something we all say every day but I don’t think we really follow. As nice as it is to be there for other people, I feel I’ve learnt overtime that it’s unhealthy to give yourself to the point where you are surrendering your happiness for simply nothing in return. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Capricorn, so I’m an all or nothing kind of a person, giving and loyal. That being said, I think it’s important to recognise the difference between a relationship where your giving nature is appreciated and reciprocated and one where it is being taken advantage of. These kinds of relationships are negative as are the people you share them with. So choose wisely because you’ll never be able to live a positive life in a negative environment. Be brave enough to let go and give yourself what you deserve. Don’t allow yourself to feel as though your happiness depends on somebody else because I’ve been there and trust me, it doesn’t. After all, the loneliest feeling isn’t actually being alone, it’s being surrounded by all the wrong people.

I hope you guys liked this post and it inspired you. Either way, thank you for reading through one of my random ramblings. 🙂

Xoxo, Mehvish 🙂 ❤

Book Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver. <3


Hi everyone :), for the first book review that I do on my blog, I thought it should be of a book which has the maximum appeal to the kind of audience I feel my blog targets; young adults and predominantly girls. The book is called Delirium by the author Lauren Oliver and I have to say this is probably one of my favourite books. Most likely, you’ve already heard of this book which comes in a trilogy as it’s so popular in youth culture and rightly so!

Firstly, I think I should summarise the plot of delirium for you so you know what the story is about but I’ll try my best not to give away any spoilers, (I know how annoying that is when reading some reviews) so here goes! The story is set in a place called Portland, Maine where love is seen as a dangerous disease called Amor Deliria Nervosa (also referred to in the book as the deliria), hence the title of the book; Delirium. The oppressive government which exists in this society has imposed a cure for the deliria, a procedure which every citizen must undergo as soon as they hit 18 to ensure that they never ‘catch the deliria’. One such citizen called Lena is about to turn 18 and couldn’t be more looking forward to the procedure, convinced that she’d be safe from the horrible syndrome once it’s done. However, (and here comes the plot twist) just before her arranged procedure, Lena finds herself falling in love with someone, what her government and the society in which she lives would see as catching the deliria. But she isn’t just falling in love with another boy her age who hasn’t undergone the procedure yet, she’s fallen in love with an invalid from the wilds; a boy named Alex. Portland is highly guarded from the wilds, a place where those who escaped undergoing the procedure ran away to, these people are called the ‘invalids’. Alex and Lena met because of Alex’s secret identity, enabling him to hide undercover in Portland. Now begins the joyride: twists and turns, romance, shock, excitement, emotions and lots more. It’s for you to discover through reading this novel whether Lena still has to undergo the procedure, if she decides to stay with Alex, does Alex get caught and everything else that happens along the way.

The characters in Delirium are so relatable, and the ones which Oliver wants you to like, you will love: that’s how beautifully they’ve been written. The plot of this book just sounded so over the top and irrational to me that I never thought I would enjoy it as I’m somebody who has to relate to a book and see myself dealing with those situations to truly connect to it and invest my time in it. However, Oliver’s writing style gives you the imagination and the ability to put yourself in the shoes of the character and empathise with them, making delirium an emotional rollercoaster.

Over all, I would have to say that Delirium is up there with the most hard to put down books I have ever read, and I’m a big book lover. The plot instantly has you hooked and it’s a wonderful, unpredictable, exciting read; a real page turner. I would have to give this book 5/5 stars as I honestly cannot fault it. Go and pick up a copy of Delirium by Lauren Oliver now and box of tissues to go with it!

Xoxo, Mehvish 🙂 ❤

MAC Modesty Lipstick Review <3

mac lipstick modestyHi everyone, for the first beauty review I do on my blog, I thought it should be something which not many have reviewed in detail but lots are curious about. So today I’m going to be reviewing my favourite lipstick from MAC so far called Modesty.

Modesty is a cremesheen formula lipstick which MAC describes as a ‘muted neutral pink’ and I would say that this is accurate as it is muted and neutral but doesn’t come with blue-ish undertones like Angel. The cremesheen formula makes application smooth and creamy on the lips with a little shine to it but I would say that the shine is definitely less than that of a lipstick which has an amplified finish so it’s not overly glossy. I also find the cremesheen formula to have a moisturising effect, and it doesn’t dry my lips out.

modesty swatch mac modesty

The colour according to me is the perfect everyday natural pink especially for us Asian girls with a tan/olive complexion. For me personally (NC30), this is the only lipstick I have found so far from MAC which I can just throw on as my MLBB lipstick without looking completely washed out. If you are lighter than me, I think you will find it to look more prominent on your lips and ladies with a darker skin tone may find Modesty to give more of a nude look which is also gorgeous. As far as staying power is concerned, it’s not as good as a matte so you will need a few touch ups throughout the day especially when you eat/drink but it’s worth the look.

modesty first lip swatch edited more

MAC lipsticks retail for £15.50 in the UK, more on the pricey side so I know how hard it is to pick the perfect shade to buy and spend your money on so I’d say: When in doubt, go with Modesty as I think it’s a truly universal shade and can work for all skin tones.

My rating for this product will be 4.5/5 stars: Half a star less for the staying power, that would make it truly perfect!

I hope this review was helpful, leave your questions/feedback in the comments and I’ll try my best to improve! 🙂

xoxo, Mehvish ❤